About the Kitchen Winch

Julie the Kitchen Winch here! I’m a Pittsburgh girl-turned Southerner living in Atlanta with my husband Graham and impossibly adorable Goldendoodle, Honey. It’s Winch, not wench, comes from my new last name, and the sentence I utter nearly every time I introduce myself to someone new.

Graham, Honey and I in front of our new house

Graham, Honey and I in front of our new house

I love everything about food. Cooking it, eating it, sharing it with friends, trying new things…many of my favorite life experiences are centered around great meals and even better company. That’s what I’ll be talking about here – trying new recipes, travel experiences, favorite meals,¬†probably the occasional Goldendoodle pic. (Exhibit A above and B below)


Honey is the star of this family, obviously.

Thanks in advance for following along and getting a taste of the Winchery!



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